Here is a little bit about us

Mark and Sue Stacey:

We started our business back in 2004, after moving from the UK in 2002.

With Mark growing up in Essex, a London lad at heart and me (Suzie) born and bred in the sometimes cold & frozen North (Preston, Lancashire), we were never quite sure where in the UK to call home. After numerous holidays to the beautiful island of Majorca, we even had our honeymoon here in 1990 – the island seemed a natural choice! So waving good-bye to family and friends, we made the leap and relocated. It seemed the obvious choice for our new home, being close enough for our family and friends to visit… and believe me they sure DO!!

Sue’s mum Valerie was our initial inspiration to start this business. When she first visited us in those early days, we quickly discovered there was nowhere on this side of the island to hire a mobility scooter for her visits.

So inspired by our own experience, we started a business, Easyrider and it’s grown steadily from there. Today we are the leading supplier of holiday mobility hire on the island and we supply many of the larger Hotels on the North and East of the Island, also covering the South when necessary.

We love the Island life and of course we’ve had our highlights, last year Mark took delivery of his shiny new van, which revolutionised his daily life mainly thanks to the lovely air con (which the old girl had been seriously lacking) he’s a very happy chap these days, although we did say a fond farewell she had served us well since the beginning!.

For me, the high point has been meeting and becoming friends with so many of our loyal customers. We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch, a quality service and are always willing to go the extra mile to make our customers holiday as enjoyable as possible. And they repay us, with their genuine thanks and by coming back to us, year after year.

So if you’re coming to Mallorca, feel free to phone us for a chat to ask our advice. We can tell you all about our products and give you help suggesting suitable Hotels or areas in Mallorca. We’re always happy to share our local knowledge – so if you’re thinking about Mallorca this year, give us a ring!

Wishing you all the best for your holidays…

the start of Easy Rider Mobility Hire

Here we are back at the beginning (2003).

mark in van

now! (2016) A little older, a lot greyer but considerably more scooter savvy!!.

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